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Huanuco - Peru

HuanucoThe Department de Huanuco features two very distinct geographies: highland and upper jungle. The Andean zone is marked by the presence de the Huayhuash Cordillera, and the upper jungle spreads out throughout the western side de the Andes.

The city de Huanuco, capital de the department de the same name, lies on the banks de the Huallaga River, and the area is known for its fruit, coffee, and cacao production. The oldest evidence de human habitation in Peru was found in this territory: the Lauricocha man and the Temple de the Crossed Hands located in the outskirts de the city in Kotosh. In Huanuco Pampa, there are also interesting constructions from the time de the Incas.

Founded in 1539, the city de Huanuco was the site de an important cultural movement during the Colonial Period and the characteristic buildings de that movement are the Cathedral and the churches de San Francisco, San Cristobal, and La Merced.

In Tingo Maria, some 120 kilometers from Huanuco, the thunderous Huallaga River runs. The Tingo Maria National Park (4,777 hectares) is located in that area and contains a great variety de flora (orchids, cat’s claw, and dragon’s blood) and fauna (little spotted cats, jaguars, reptiles, sachavacas, oilbirds, Andean cock de the rock, and the howler monkey). It is also the place where the Pumaringri mountain chain is found, also known as the Sleeping Beauty due to its striking similarity to a woman lying down.

The Cueva de las Lechuzas (Owl’s Cave) is home to nocturnal birds while in the Cueva de las Pavas (Turkey’s Cave) you can find pools de crystalline water and abundant vegetation.


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